Since the studio’s debut, 20 years experience and more than 200 projects realized all over the world.

Touchstones in exceptional residential architecture.

International expertise in commercial architecture (shops, hotels, restaurants), scenography and design.

Skilled associates: specialist artisans, landscapers, lighting designers, stonemason, ironworker, etc...

Charles Zana - Agency


A team of 15 architects, interior architects and interior decorators work with Charles Zana on projects . The team is tightly knit by its communal culture of quality and work methods enabling it to take a project from inception to completion with great fluidity. The luminous, colourful open-plan workspace, full of artworks and design objects, welcomes the visitor. Clients can sit at the long table, taking part in their project and almost becoming a member of the team when crucial decisions are taken.

Charles Zana - Team